MN Hockey Phase 5 Return to Play Rules & Guidelines


Minnesota Hockey today announced its guidance for Phase 5, which will go into effect on Thursday, January 14 when games may resume. Key highlights of Phase 5 include:

  • One spectator per player may be allowed at practices but should still be limited as much as possible. 
  • A maximum of two spectators per player will be allowed for games, with exceptions for parents or guardians who must bring in young children.
  • Three coaches will be allowed on the bench during games
  • No resurfacing during games (between periods).
  • Tournaments may occur.
  • Inter-state travel must be approved by the appropriate District Director and is strongly discouraged, with the exception of border towns.
  • Reminder- Phase 4 goes through January 13th.



  • We want to remind everyone to continue getting dressed BEFORE entering the arena.  At home or in the car upon arrival (except helmets, skates and gloves).  Goalies must come at least half-dressed. 
  • No equipment bags are allowed in the arena with the exception of goalies.
  • Players must not enter the arena until 10 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time.
  • Exit the rink as soon as possible after getting off the ice.